Friday, October 22, 2010

Saxophone Tip #3: Enjoy The Journey

It's been a while since I've posted a saxophone tip so I thought that it was time for another.  Today's saxophone tip is to enjoy the journey.  So simple but something we all forget.

At some point in time you are going to find yourself thinking if only you were as good as so and so.  You might think I should be better then this, or you will be so caught up in all the stuff that you need to learn that you become overwhelmed.

Learning a musical instrument can be tough.  Often times downright challenging.  This can lead to frustration, which is something you don't want.  It is so easy to get trapped into thinking that your not good enough.  When this happens you stunt your own growth.  This is where my tip of enjoying the journey comes in.

To get past feelings of frustration or feelings of being overwhelmed you have to take a different perspective.  The perspective I suggest is looking at learning music as a journey that keeps getting better and better.  Realize that musical growth comes little by little.  Your not going to be amazing overnight.  You also have to realize that you can't learn everything there is to know about music.  It is vast.  What you have to do is figure out what your musically interested in and pursue it.  Little by little you will improve and master those aspects of music that you feel are important and that you want to explore.

Along with this realize that you are where you are today because of the efforts you made yesterday.  If you want to reach a specific level of playing you have to be willing to take the time and do the work that is necessary to reach that level.  Complaining or having unrealistic expectations won't help. It only hurts.  Instead come up with a plan to reach your destination.  Like any journey you only arrive if you have some idea of where you want to go.  Also like a journey there may be different twists and turns, and a bump or too, but in the end it is worth it.

Keep in mind that what makes a journey great isn't necessarily the destination, but all the things you see or learn on the way.  Music is no different.  Don't forget to celebrate your small successes and growth that will occur.  Also don't pass up the many lessons you will learn as you strive to achieve musical excellence.  It is the struggles and lessons learned that will shape you.  There is no easy path to being a great musician or saxophonist.  So instead of getting down stay optimistic and learn to enjoy the successes and failures that come along your musical journey.

So in summary look for the good and rejoice in the advancements you have made.  Remembering to take one step at a time along you musical journey.  The best of luck.


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